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Asset Management

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Project Management

Build projects phases, tasks, work flow while tracking and collaboration with internal staff and contractors

Live Monitoring

Dashboard to view your assets in production in a list, drone view or map view


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    Portfolio Management

    Manage your opportunity and sales funnel with your team all in one place

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    Assess your opportunities, apply your financial modelling and evaluate your prospects

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    Risk Assessement

    Evaluate your financial risks, evaluate compliance, return on investment, determine range of results

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    Document Management

    Colloborate & tie your documents to your projects and clients. Inegrate with your file repository such as dropbox, & one drive.

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    Project Dashboard

    View live status of your projects status and work in progress in real time

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    Work Flow

    Establish a robust work flow and track your processes from conception to production, connecting the resources & logistics

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    API Integration

    Tie your projects to other platforms such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft projects, and slack

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    Time Tracking

    Track your internal resources time to determine your operational costs accurately using smart phone watches.

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    Asset Management

    Manage and view your asset status all in one place

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    Scada Integration

    Integrate your monitoring system with the platform and pull in your data for live analysis

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    Production Analytics

    Determine trends, benchmark, insight on your assets to make sound business decisions

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    Build advanced reports of your estimates vs. Actual, up to minute, daily and month reports.






Who we are

Arbox is a brand new startup based in Vancouver building a platform for the Renewable Energy Sector. Established in 2016, Arbox consist team of experts with experience in Energy & technology field that have an initiative to make a global difference on the planet climate change by building great tools for companies to grow in their line of business.

Arbox is currently hiring people passionate about building a great product. View our open position and apply.

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